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How it Works

Rent, what you want & when you want

Enjoy, as long as you want to

Return, when you don't need the product (Flexi-tenures - extend or cancel anytime)

Pay only for the period you use it!

Rent Baby Gear


Step 1 – Select the Baby Gear

Select the baby gear/s you want to take on rent

Step 2 – Inquire about availability of the Baby Gear

Share your shortlisted product/s, dates and location of delivery. You can inquire about the availability by calling us at +918452024687 (10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday) or writing to us at

Step 3 – Wait for the confirmation

We respond quickly through phone ( during business hours) and within 24 hours via email. Confirmation on availability, price and delivery details will be shared with you.

Step 4 – Make the Payment

Once the above is confirmed, you will be asked to make payment towards rent and shipping  charges.

Step 5 - Delivery

Baby Gear/s will be delivered at your residence / hotel as per the date specified. You will have to make payment in cash towards refundable deposit.

We currently operate in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

We do take express delivery orders. To place express delivery order call at +918452024687 (10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday).

Step 6 – Return the Product when not in use

You can return the product whenever you wish to. Rent will be charged only for the period your child has enjoyed the product (Week/ Month etc)

Step 7 – Pick Up

Once the rental period is over, we will arrange pick up of the baby gear from your residence / hotel

Step 8 – Transfer of Refundable Deposit

Your refundable deposit will be returned through bank transfer within 48 working hours of returning the product back


Shipping Charges applicable (for most of the products except wooden cots/cradles, travel systems & twin strollers)

a) for Mumbai is Rs 350 and

b) for Navi Mumbai/Thane is Rs 400

Orders placed two days prior to the deivery date will fall under Express Delivery and will be charged additional Rs100.

Shipping charges include both delivery and pick up. 

Toys and Books


Step 1 – Register

Start by simply Signing In. Or Call us at 8452024687

Step 2 - Select Plan

Choose from a wide range of learning plans. Our Combo plans of toys and books are all time favourite with parents

Step 3 – Receive Expertly Designed Pley Box

Receive our expertly designed Pley Box (containing toys and books) as per your selected plan at your doorstep

Step 4 – Play, Read, Explore and Enjoy

Spend the precious time with your child and cherish the moments as he/ she develops various skills while playing with toys/ books

Step 5 - New Box arrives

As per the selected cycle, we will visit your home to replace the old Pley box with the new one. You don't have to keep tab on the dates nor have to select the Books / Toys. We will follow the plan and baby's age closely and select what is right as per current age and deliver as per schedule. So all you have to do is pay, play and relax

Give your child the BEST Gift of his / her life